Make fast, high quality transcription with


Advanced Voice / Speech Recognition Technology

Up to 95% Accuracy Rate

Multi-Language Support (120 languages)


Automatic Timestamp Creation

Automatic Subtitle File Creation

Edit Transcribed File with Online Editor

Export Transcript in Different Formats (.txt, .srt, .docx)

Remarkably Affordable with Best Price

Encrypted File Sending and Secure Storage


What is it for? presents a cloud-based platform that makes audio transcription process easier via its integrated media player and online editor. It provides high accuracy voice decoding up to ~%95 accuracy rate depending on the quality of audio / video records. does transcription with timestamps, and organizes your audio and video records so they are easy to search, edit, and export with different formats (.txt, .srt, .docx).  It currently supports  ~120 languages and dialects including Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

 Who is it for? has been developed specifically for:

  • Freelance transcribers
  • Journalists
  • Subtitlers
  • Content makers / Youtubers
  • Researchers


6 $ / hour
0.1 ¢ / minute

Best offer in market

We think transcription should be cheap as well as easy.

Pay for what you need

You can buy hours or even minutes! You can pay exactly what you need!

Simplest pricing

Your pay 0.1 cent per minute and use it for whole year. No confusion no rush!


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